Company Strategy

1.The general strategy of the enterprise target:

To create the enterprise into business hierachy clear, management norms, efficient command, human        rescource allocation is reasonable, the performance is outstanding,employees satisfaction, making a greater contribution society in hundreds of years enterpris.


2.Brand Strategy:

Brand positioning is the precondition of occuping and developing the market, in the next few years set up the unique personality image brand to be identified by the vasty cusotmers. We always adhere to build brand by quality and service, build the image by the brand, brand strategic thinking by the brand image development.


3.The market development strategy:

Open up new markets, according to the different needs of different cusomter groups, to provide approprite customer demand products and personalized serivice.


4.Huaman Resources management Strategy:

The key to enterprise competition is talents competition, can manage people, whether can manager people or not is the important factors for the enterprise sucess or failure. The company always adhere to the people -oriented ,mutual benefits and win-win business philosophy” everybody is the talent, according to the skills to be applied, play a special skill, complementary advantages, to build a strong sense of team, development hand in hand.


5.The Financial management strategy:
Financial strategy is to seek wnterprise fund balance, effective flow and to implement enterprise strategy, to strengthen enterprise financial competitive advantage, based on the analysis of enterprise interal and external environment factors, on the basis of cash flow of the enterprise overall, long-term and creative planning. Theory of financial strategy is the strategy in the financial management aspects of the application and extension, not only embodies the “strategy” generality of financial strategy, and outlines the financial strategy of “ financial “ personality.
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