Company Culture
        The Culture of Enterprise
  The spirit of Enterprise:
  The development of innovation, the pursuit of excellence.
  The tenet of Enterprise:
  People foremost , Mutual benefits
  The philosophy of Enterprise:
  The science and technology as the forerunner,
  Strives for survival by the quality
  The credibility for development
  The style of Working:
  Innovation and enterprising, beg a true practicality, highly effective work , win together.
  The faith of working:
  The pursuit of excellent every day.
  No boring working, just only mediocre person.
  The concept of Service:
  All for the sake of customers, Faith will move mountains.
  The concept of Talent:
  Talents are achieved by doing, not by seeing.
  Everybody is the talent, according to the skills to be applied.
  Play a special skill, complementary advantages.
  The Policy of Quality:
  Quality is life, Service is the tenet.
  The code of Ethics:
  Honesty , dedication.
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